Diving Trips around Koh Phi Phi

Princess Divers is proud to invite you aboard our boats for an exciting choice of dives around the Phi Phi Islands and surrounding area.


Our Dive trips start daily at 8am, as early starters we are usually rewarded by being first to the dive sites, allowing much quieter dives and the best chance of seeing some of the reefs more elusive inhabitants such as Reef Sharks.


As you board our local dive boat our Captain and crew will welcome you aboard, tea/coffee and fresh fruit also await you. Time to the first dive site is 30 mins, with all equipment taken care for by our dive staff you can sit back relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. For those traveling on our speedboats to outer dive sites, sit back and let our captain speed you at 30 knts through the Andaman Sea to some of Thailand’s best dive sites.


Once you arrive at the dive site it’s time to explore Thailand’s spectacular underwater world. In small groups our professionally qualified and experienced dive staff will lead you on a tour through beautiful coral gardens hosting an amazing variety of tropical marine life.




Phi Phi National Park

This large uninhabited limestone island makes up the other main part of the Phi Phi Islands and is home to the world famous Maya Bay which was the location chosen by Hollywood as the perfect setting for the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Di Caprio.


The island offers an amazing ten different dive sites, each one unique in its underwater topography and marine life. Phi Phi Leh has several scenic bays which provide the perfect sheltered haven to relax and enjoy lunch and surface interval between the dives.


Underwater the dive sites vary dramatically from shallow sandy bottoms with scattered rocks and boulders covered in several types of hard and soft corals, wall dives where colouful soft branch corals cling to the rock surface to caverns and swim throughs which are a major feature of the amazing diving on offer around Phi Phi Leh.


The highlight of any dive on this island is without doubt the frequent encounters with Hawksbill Turtles, which allow diver’s a close up view as they carry on with their daily routine. Divers that look closely into crack’s and crevice’s can be rewarded with sightings of Sea Horse’s, Ghost Pipefish and the timid Yellow Boxfish. Different species of Angel Fish and Butterfly Fish can be found in abundance on the reefs offering excellent photographic opportunities. The diversity of topography, corals and marine life make these dive sites a must for any visiting diver.


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Night Dive

Experience the magic of Phi Phi stunning coral reef's by torchlight, the underwater world changes as the sun goes down and a whole new Diving experience awaits you, the marine life changes as some of the reefs inhabitants go to sleep, whilst others seek shelter amongst the coral and rocks. Other's like Moray Eeel and Barracude use the cover of darkness to hunt for food.


Following the contour of the reef by torchlight gives you a whole new feeling and a chance to find new species that are not seen on daytime dives.


Whether it's your first time or you are an experienced Diver, the chance to see the Phi Phi underwater world by torchlight is too good an opportunity to miss whilst staying on the Island. 

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King Cruiser Wreck

On the 4th May 1997 The King Cruiser ferry running between Phuket and Phi Phi strayed off course and suddenly struck the submerged Anemone reef, the accident tore a large hole in the catamarans hull and she started to take on water, in less than one hour she slipped beneath the surface and was lost to all but a privileged few, DIVERS!!!!.


She now sits upright and proud at a maximum depth of 30 meters with the top of the wreck at 14 meters and has provided the local diving community an awesome artificial reef covered in marine life.


As you descend down the buoy line towards the bow of the boat, huge lionfish patrol the mid decks and camouflaged scorpion fish lurk waiting for their next meal, above the wreck a huge school of yellow tail snapper circle sometimes almost cutting out sunlight. Entering the wreck safely is possible in several large, open and well lit areas creating amazing views of light penetrating through the decks. A safety stop on the line above the wreck gives an amazing view of the whole new reef.


Shark Point Phuket or Hin Musang in Thai derives it’s name from the gentle Leopard Shark that can be found here resting on the bottom at a maximum of 18 meters. The dive site is made up of several underwater pinnacles running North to South which are all covered in a thick carpet of beautiful soft corals and is an excellent follow up to the Wreck dive. For coral lovers this is one of the most colourful and richest growths to be found anywhere in Thailand. Fish life is varied and diverse and everything from Sea Horse’s, Zebra Moray Eels and large Cuttlefish await you. Shark Point is nearly always a local Divemasters favourite.


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Hin Daeng & Hin Muang

These two five star underwater mountains lie in the open ocean, 60 Km’s south from the Phi Phi Islands and are accessible by a speedboat journey of around one hour. These two sites are constantly rated among the best dive sites in the world due to the diverse nature of marine life and corals found here, but it is diving with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks that make these two sites so popular.


Hin Daeng

Stands proud in the open ocean by a mere 2 meters from the surface and translated into English means “Red Rock”, this name is due to the abundance of beautiful red coloured soft corals that cover the dive site.


For those who love wall diving this is Thailand’s best, the southern side descends almost straight down to beyond 60 meters, forming the most dramatic vertical drop off in Thai waters. Occasional schools of grey reef sharks patrol the deep blue, and frequent sightings of giant Manta Rays gracefully gliding around the reef are common. Closer to the top of the reef in the shallows a school of friendly Batfish accompany you on your safety stop.


Hin Muang

Submerged and starting at a depth of 8 meters this underwater pinnacle can be likened to the famous “Ayers Rock” in Australia.


The name Hin Muang translated means Purple Rock derived from the thick growth of purple soft coral that covers nearly every available surface. Huge Moray Eels can be found hiding around the reef, in the blue large schools of pelagic fish such as Tuna, Barracuda and Trevally regularly invade the reef in quick charges in search of prey. Whale Sharks are regular visitors to this area, these majestic giants often allow divers to get quiet close providing magnificent photos and memories.


These two dive sites are a must to any diver visiting Thailand and in 2003/4 were the number one dive site in Thailand for Whale Sharks and Manta Ray sightings.


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Koh Haa

This cluster of five (Koh meaning Island and Haa meaning 5 in Thai) small island’s only 30 mins from Phi Phi by speedboat offer excellent diving opportunities and beautiful scenic beaches to relax and pass away the lunch break and surface interval, this all adds up to an excellent day’s dive trip away from Phi Phi.


Though there are dive sites all over the islands, the most popular is Koh Haa Yai, the largest island and the furthest to the west. The dive site offers sloping walls made up of beautiful hard and soft corals covering smooth rocks. Moving into shallower water you will find the dive sites highlights two large caverns whose entrances are 10 meters deep, appearing like cathedral doorways these caverns are huge and safe to enter even without a light as there is plenty of natural light and only one way in and out. The caverns contain huge stalactites set to amaze any admiring diver.


The marine life on offer is extremely diverse and visibility around the island’s can extend beyond 30 meters on good days, allowing a great chance of seeing bigger fish hunting out in the blue. Around the reef lionfish and scorpion fish are seen with regular occurrence, a visual reminder of good buoyancy and awareness to all levels of divers. Schooling Bannerfish, Moorish idols and Butterfly fish all help to make up an excellent range of colours to compliment the surrounding coral growths.


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Custom Packages

If your planning to stay on Phi Phi for a few days or have dived here before and are looking for something different, then let us help you to maximise your Dive holiday by planning a custom package to suit you.


By letting us know your date of arrival and departure, Dive level and underwater interests we could suggest a custom package to ensure you get the best out of your time here on Phi Phi with us.


Let our experience of Phi Phi and its underwater world give you the most value for your hard earned Diving vacation.


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