Welcome aboard Princess Divers boats


The Princess Diver Boat


Main Boat


Have a look inside the Princess Divers boat.Our main Dive boat is custom designed to give you the most comfort and enjoyment whilst Diving in Phi Phi, at 16.5m long she is capable of handling all weathers and get you to your destination quickly and safely. On the main deck you will find a large spacious Dive deck capable of handling upto 24 divers, inside the sheltered cabin is a"dry area" to store any bag or belongings safely, this is also where you will find the kitchen area and toilet.



Heading upstairs you will find a large spacious sun deck to help kee the suntan looking good, this is also perfect to have lunch under the canopy whilst taking in the beautiful Phi Phi Island scenery.


 Our Captain Bok has been with us since 2002 and knows all the best places in Phi Phi Island, he is also a Diver so understands when and where you need to be to get the best from your Diving experience.




Zodiac (RIB)


 Our ZodiacOur second boat is a 7m Zodiac (RIB) Custom built for smaller groups of upto 7 Divers, she is capable of reaching over 30 knots and can reach anywhere in the Phi Phi National Park in a matter of minutes. She is also capable of going into the inners parts of Phi Phi Leh where the big boats can not reach, allowing us to have a relaxing lunch on the beach.


If you have a group or Dive Club then this gives you the chance to choose the Dive sites and times that suit you.