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Free Divemaster Internship - Phi Phi Island

Do you want to become a Divemaster in one of the worlds top Scuba Diving locations ??


Do you want to live and work on one of the Worlds top 10 beach destinations ???


Well now you can and best of all you can do it for “Free”

Become a Divemaster in Phi Phi Island

Every year at Princess Divers we offer a limited amount of FREE Divemaster Internship spots to individuals who wish to achieve the PADI or SSI Divemaster rating, who are willing to learn and who share our passion for diving. The ability to learn and be a team player is required.




 Q: Why do we only offer a limited amount of free Divemaster Internships.


The simple answer is quality not quantity, as you travel the world working and diving you become an ambassador for Princess Divers and the Instructors that taught you, Working as a Divemaster is not for everyone and we are not looking just for the numbers, we are looking for the right people to become a part of our team and who we are proud to call our Divemasters.­


During your Divemaster Internship at Princess Divers you will gain the experience and confidence to call the Ocean your “Home and Your Office”, or living the Dream as many of us choose to call it. Our Divemaster Internship allows you to receive free training in return for work, Get trained, Get Certified and Get work experience as a Professional Divemaster, without the expense


During your time with us you will learn all the aspects and day to day goings on in a busy working Dive Center, not some college classroom, talking about the real world, you will working on the boats with real customers assisting our team of Instructors in the day to day operations of a busy Dive Centre. You will learn what it takes be a professional scuba diver. You will hone your diving skills, perfect your Rescue Diving techniques and learn how to demonstrate skills to novice divers. You will assist on a wide variety of PADI or SSI Dive courses and you will also learn how to guide dives on Phi Phi Islands world famous dive sites. Becoming a Divemaster is a great accomplishment and as you enter the ranks of leadership level diving you will feel proud of your achievement.


Ok, What’s the catch you might be thinking ??


Honestly there is none, Once you are a certified Divemaster you work for 90 days as one of our Divemaster team to pay back the shop’s investment in you. During this time you may be assisting Instructors on Courses, Guiding qualified Divers on Fun Dives or Taking Photo’s of customers. You get the valuable experience needed to look further and apply for jobs in new locations, and the shop has a new enthusiastic Divemaster eager to Dive and learn more about there new profession. It's a "Win, Win" Situation for everybody.


Also during your Internship period you will work alongside our Instructors and Divemaster in the shop selling Courses and Trips for the next day, this is an excellent chance to earn money while you are here, we pay 10% commission on all sales, people with good selling skills can earn excellent commissions, Many Divemaster Trainee's use this money to buy equipment as they progress through their course or cover living costs on the Island. It is common for many of our DM Trainee's to make enough money to cover the cost of staying on Phi Phi for 4-5 months and buy new equipment from sales commission. 

Additional costs:

  • - Divemaster Application fee

  • - Divemaster materials (DM Crew-Pak) 8,200 baht

  •  - Accomodation and daily living expenses


PADI Divemaster learning materials


Why Choose Princess Divers ??


  • Limited spaces available

We are interested in quality not quantity, don't become part of a "DM Factory" stuck with limited Dives and sitting in a shop or cleaning equipment day after day.

  • We do not limit you to 60 Dives

We will only certify you when we are 100% confident that you are ready to be called a Divemaster and represent our company by Diving with our valued customers.

  • Earn money as you go with 10% commission on sales

People with good sales skills can earn excellent commissions to help buy equipment or pay your expenses on the Island. Earn cash as you go to cover or help with your Island expenses.

  • No 4 Week limit on duration of course

Everybody who arrives, has a different level of experience and number of Dives, everybody learns at a different pace, and we certify you when you are ready, not by a set time limit.

  • Includes Basic Dive Equipment for whole Internship period.

We don't force you to buy a full set of equipment before starting your course, this is common practice amongst many Dive Centers worldwide, we will provide if needed a BCD, Regulator and Wetsuit to any students that dont have their own. We do require that all you own a few basic peices of equipment when starting the Internship program.

  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Surface Marker / Whistle 


If you dont currently have these items then let us help you with our large range of equipment for sale here on the Island, We offer big discounts on the manufacturers prices and expert advice on good value equiupment. These are all personal pieces of equipment that help you to look more professional and help you to feel more comfortable, you will eventually need your own equipment as you step out into the big wide world, so choosing wisely is important.

  •  Learn all aspects of a busy working Dive Center and Gain the valuable experience needed to work in the Dive Industry.


What are the requirements?


To start the Internship program you must be 18 years old and a Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization). If you are currently at Open Water or Advanced level, let us help you reach Rescue level here on the Island and get straight into the Internship program after.


If our Divemaster Internship program interests you and you would like to know more then tell us a bit more about yourself by email to


  • Your Nationality, Age and Languages spoken
  • Work Background / Experience / Skills
  • Interest and Hobbies
  • Planned Date of arrival how long you plan to spend in Thailand
  • Please include recent Photo